Today, I have an English class at Torrance Adult School.
Even though it's free, the quality of the class is really good.
There is a student who seats next to me and his name is Miguel.
He has been here since January this year.
He's from Spain.
He looks happy since he got married to a beautiful wife.
He said he reads and watches TV in English every night.
I could tell that his English has gotten better since I met him at first.
I'm glad that I have a friend who I can study English together.
It encourages me to study harder.

오늘은 토렌스 어덜트스쿨에서 영어 수업이 있는 날이다.  
무료수업이지만 내용이 너무 좋다.  
내 옆자리에 앉은 친구는 미겔이라고 한다.  
그는 스페인에서 올해 1월에 왔다.  
이쁜 와이프와 결혼해서 더욱 행복해보인다.  
그는 매일밤 영어로 티비를 보고 책도 읽는다고 한다.  
확실히 그를 처음만날 날보다 영어가 많이 늘어있었다.  
같이 영어를 배우는 친구가 있어서 자극도 되고 좋다.  

This is the original version that I wrote.

There is English class in Torrance adult school
it is free but contents are very good.
My friend's Miguel who sitting near me 
He came here Janualy.
He seems like very happy because he got married with beautiful girl. 
He watch TV and reading a book those are English languages every night. 
exactly he become fluent in English batter
than when i first met him 
I'm very happy to learn English with my friend