If you were locked in a time machine set for a single one-way trip to the past or future and had 10 minutes to dial in the time and place, when and where would you go? Why? What if it were to be a round trip that would include any family and friends you wanted to bring along and safely return everyone in a week?

  • round trip - 왕복여행


If a country hit the U.S. with a nuclear bomb, would you favor unleashing our nuclear arsenal upon them?

  • Terrorists operating out of a country that tacitly supported them kill 2 million people by setting off a nuclear bomb in downtown Chicago. Would you favor retaliating against that country, and if so, how?


Would you want to spend a week as someone of the opposite sex? someone very old? very beautiful? very ugly? or severely handicapped? If so, which one would most intrigue you?

  • opposite sex - 이성
  • intrigue - 흥미를 끌다