While on a trip, your spouse (or lover) spends a night with a stranger. If you knew they’d never meet again and you wouldn’t otherwise find out about it, would you want your partner to tell you? If roles were reversed, would you confess what you’d done?

  • How serious would an affair need to be before you’d want and expect to be told about it? How much do you trust your lover? How much should they trust you?


Have your character and humanity been forged more by pleasure and success or by pain and disappointment?

  • If you could somehow protect your loved ones from pain and failure, do you think they might ultimately end up diminished by your efforts?


If you had to either change professions or move to another part of the country, which would you prefer? What new career or location first comes to mind?

  • Is the idea of being forced into such a change appealing in any way?