I came back to Chicago from my trip today.
It took 2 hours from Washinton DC to Chicago to fly.
because of the time difference, it seemed to take only 1 hour.
I walked a lot today, so I'm tired.


I come back Chicago today.
It takes 2hours but I reallize that takes 1hours
because of jet lag.
I walk much today so I'm tired.

나는 오늘 시카고로 돌아왔다.  
시카고까지 2시간 걸렸는데 시차때문에 1시간이 걸렸다.  
너무 많이 걸어서 온몸이 피곤하다.  
  • jet lag : 수면패턴에 지장을 받는것을 말함