Tuesdays and Thursdays are the English study days with my friend.
Today, we checked each other’s journal and tested for words.
My work is always busy, plus studying when I get home from work makes me busier.
People say that focusing on doing something makes people happy, and I totally agree on that.


Tuesdays Thursdays are the days of studying English with my friend.
Today we checked each others journal and tested the words.
It's busy to work also studying at home.
I agree that people are happy when they focus on something.

매주 화 목요일은 친구와 영어 스터디를 하는 날이다.  
오늘은 서로의 일기를 체크하고 단어를 테스트했다.  
일도 바쁘지만 집에와서 공부하는것에도 바쁘다.
사람은 무언가에 집중할때에 행복하다고 한다는데 거기에 동감한다.