My colleague, who has been close to me, was shocked today because of my age.
I may not have talked how old I am because nobody asked me and I haven’t had any chances to talk about that.
Then, today we found out how old we both of us were.
She became suddenly upset about the fact that I didn't tell her my age.
She is in her early 20s and I am in my mid 30s. She probably thought I am younger than I am.


My company colleague, who had been close to me, was shocked today.
I didn't talk about my age because I didn't have a chance to talk about it.
She suddenly upset about I didn't tell her my age.
She is in her early-20s I am in my mid-30s and in the meantime, she seems to have looked young.

나와 친하게 지내던 회사 동료가 오늘 나에게 충격을 받았다.
내 나이를 그동안 말할 기회가 없어서 얘기를 안했는데 오늘 서로의 나이를 알게되었다.
왜 그동안 얘기를 안했냐고 갑자기 화를 냈다.
그녀는 20대초반이고 나는 30대 중반인데 그동안 내가 어리게 보였던것 같다.

(왜 쇼크받았는지 설명 넣어주는게 좋음)
(아무도 내 나이를 물어본적도 그럴 기회도 없었기에, 여태껏 내가 몇살인지 말한적이 없었나 보다.)

  • had been -> has been: 현재 시점까지도 친한사이로 지내고 있다면 현재완료인 has been사용.
    현재는 안친하지만, 과거 시점까지 친했다면 had been ‘친하게 지내왔었던’ 사용.
  • didn’t have a chance -> haven’t had a chance : ~할 기회가 없었었다.
  • and으로 문장을 시작하지 않음. and -> then