My whole body is sore. This is probably because of the trip last week.
My legs hurt because I walked a lot during the trip, and my back hurts from driving long hours on the road.
For that reason, I couldn’t concentrate on work all day. I think I need to rest.


I went on a trip last week, I felt my whole body is sored.
I walk too much, so my legs hurt and I drive a long time, my back hurts.
So I couldn't concentrate on work today. I need to rest.

지난주 여행을 다녀와서인지 온몸이 아프다.
너무 많이 걸어다녀서 다리가 아프고 운전을 오래해서인지 허리도 아프다.
그래서 오늘은 일에 집중할수가 없었다. 푹 쉬어야겠다.