I felt bad that I had not been able to write a diary for a while because I and my other friends were supposed to write diaries everyday but no one was doing it lately and I felt I’m the one of them not doing it.
People say that we all want to get compensation in some ways to keep things going. It might not have been as effective as I expected?
The days I wrote my diaries remained as my valuable data, though. I think I will keep writing dairies steadily from now on.

  • in the meantime은 어떤 두 사건 사이에 ‘그동안에’라는 의미로 주로 쓰이고, ‘한동안’ 이라는 의미로 사용할때는 ‘for a while’이 자연스러움.

I felt sorry that I had not been able to write a diary in the meantime, so it seemed to have harmed my friends who had been using it together.
because these days everybody is not writing steadily.
People say that they basically have to get a compensatory hearing to keep things going.
Isn't it as effective as I expected to write a diary?
The days when I wrote my diary remind me of valuable data. I will keep writing a diary steadily from now on.

그동안 일기를 쓰지 못했는데 같이 쓰리고 했던 친구들에게도 피해를 끼친것 같아서 미안한 감정을 느꼈다. 왜냐하면 요즘 모두가 꾸준히 일기를 쓰지 못하고 있기때문이다.
사람은 기본적으로 보상심리를 받아야 무언가를 꾸준이 하게 된다고 하는데 일기쓰는 것이 기대한 만큼 효과가 없었던 것일까?
생각해보면 내가 일기를 썼던 날들은 나에게 가치있는 데이터로 남아있다. 나는 앞으로도 꾸준히 일기쓰기를 계속 하려고 한다.