Today is the third day of the ESL class.
I learned how to describe personality.
I was confused by the word hard working and hardworking.
There are a total of 8 expressions learned today.

오늘은 어덜트스쿨 수업 3번째 날이다.
오늘은 성격을 어떻게 묘사하는지에 대해서 배웠다.
근면하다 라는 말과 일을 열심히 하다 라는 말이 헷갈렸다.
오늘 배운 표현은 총 8가지 이다.
  1. She's pretty easygoing.
  2. He's quite hardworking.
  3. He's really considerate.
  4. She's quite modest.
  5. He's so outgoing.
  6. She's very trustworthy.
  7. He's pretty serious.
  8. They're really talkative.