Today I studied the words about Short-term goals at the adult school.
The word I didn't know came out and I tried to look up the dictionary, but the teacher told me to cover the dictionary.
I was embarrassed, but the teacher explained it with easier words.
I like the way of teaching because I seem to stay in memory for a long time.

오늘은 어덜트 스쿨에서 단기 인생목표에 관한 단어들을 공부했다.
내가 모르는 단어가 나와서 사전을 찾아보려했지만 선생님이 사전을 덮으라고 했다.
당황했었지만 선생님이 더 쉬운 단어들로 설명해줬다.
더 기억에 오래 남는것같아서 수업방식이 마음에 든다.
  1. accomplishment / achievement
    something completed successfully.

  2. learning goal
    goal that you want to achieve in regard to education

  3. action plan
    A sequence of steps that you have to take in order to achieve a goal.

  4. realistic
    something that is actually possible

  5. obstacle
    something that makes it difficult to do something you want to do.

  6. reflection
    thought or opinion you have after thinking about something.

  7. personal goal
    goal that you want to achieve for him/herself

  8. solution
    a way of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation

  9. action step
    one thing that you do in order to achieve a goal;
    (typically short-term goals leading to a long-term goal)

  10. challenge
    something that tests strength, skill or ability

  11. career goal
    goal that you want to achieve at work

  12. long-term goal
    goal that may take several years to achieve

  13. priorities
    a list of ideas, or things to do, in order of importance

  14. strategy
    a planned action toward a goal ( how you plan to achieve the goal)

  15. Goal
    target, purpose; something you hope to achieve in the future

  16. short-term goal
    goal that a person wants to reach over a short preiod;
    ex. tomorrow, next week, etc.

  17. resource
    goal that you want to achieve for him/herself