Today I reviewed what I learned yesterday at the Adult School.
And I tried to match my job according to the personality.

The right job for you

Match your personality to the job
Put the verbs in the gerund, e.g. working, or the infinitive + to, e.g. to work.

  1. I am good at listening to people. (listen)
  2. I enjoy __________ people with their problems.(help)
  3. I don't mind __________ a very large salary (not earn)
  4. I'd like __________ as part of a team. (work)
  5. I am good at __________ quick decisions. (make)
  6. __________ risks doesn't stress me. (take)
  7. I don't find it difficult __________ by myself. (work)
  8. I'm not afraid of __________ large amounts of money. (manage)
  9. I am good at __________ myself. (express)
  10. I always try __________ my instincts.
  11. It's important for me __________ creative (be)
  12. I enjoy __________ (improvise)
  13. __________ complex calculations is not difficult for me. (do)
  14. I enjoy __________ logical problems. (solve)
  15. I find it easy __________ theoretical principles. (understand)
  16. I am able __________ space and distance. (calculate)
오늘은 어덜트 스쿨에서 어제 배운 것을 복습했다.
그리고 나에게 맞는 직업을 성격에 따라 매치시켜 봤다.