There is a violin ensemble lesson once a month, and nowdays I'm practicing a piece of music called Eine kleine nachtmusik that meaning is Serenade in German. Today I practiced the Minuet for 3rd movement. 1st,2nd was difficult, but the 3rd movement was not so long, so it was good to practice.

한달에 한번 바이올린 앙상블 레슨이 있어서 요즘 아이네 클라이네 나흐트뮤지크를 연습하고 있다.
나흐트 뮤지크란 독일어로 세레나데라는 뜻인데 오늘은 3악장을 미뉴에트를 연습했다.
1,2은 어려웠는데 3악장은 그렇게 길지않아서 연습하기 좋았다.