Q: Start by introducing yourself?
I came here a year ago
I like trying out different kinds of restaurants
I like to practice the violin
and I also like to meet up and talk with other people
I am interested in philosophy and psychology
Q: How was life in Korea?
I was happy with my life in Seoul over the last 5 years
Because I was satisfied with my job and met my beautiful girlfriend
I learned a lot because I enjoy learning new things
I am a programmer so I basically like programming
I am a programmer so I basically like to program
I am happy that I learning technologies (when they come out).
advanced 라는 말이 벌서 as they come out 를 의미해요.

Q: What are your hobbies?
my hobby is playing the violin
I learned that my hobby was important when I was at a company
seminar in Japan
So then I decided to learn the violin
I especially like the idea of harmonizing with others
My dream is to marry a woman whose hobby is to make music

whose 예제