Day1 5/1/2018

  • dumb
  • deaf
  • wall
  • bake
  • overslept
  • avoid
  • heat stroke
  • heat wave e
  • debris
  • grille
  • windshield
  • wipers

Day2 5/2/2018

  • strange
  • homebody
  • in a row
  • get antsy
  • all day long
  • introverted
  • extroverted
  • crack up
  • hilarious

Day3 5/3/2018

  • conscience
  • instincts
  • prejudice
  • soap opera
  • serial killers
  • fatigue
  • founder
  • intrigued

Day4 5/4/2018

  • stereotype
  • political bias
  • towards
  • against
  • fermented
  • gut
  • intestine
  • plum
  • mucus
  • sticky liquid

Day5 5/5/2018

  • polite
  • rude
  • narrow-minded
  • open-minded
  • hostile
  • thoughtful
  • careless

Day6 5/6/2018

  • at least
  • perhaps
  • instantly
  • fulfill
  • not quite
  • surely
  • aim to
  • after all

Day7 5/7/2018

  • both of you
  • insisted
  • onwards
  • the closest one
  • rarely easy
  • the inhabitants
  • intrusion
  • apparently

Day8 5/8/2018

  • outrage
  • severe
  • indeed
  • noble
  • spirit
  • estate
  • heir
  • ain't
  • assume

Day9 5/9/2018

How can we account for the high electricity bill this month?
Did we use the air-conditioning more than usual?

Charles is a big guy and he has studied boxing, so he can act as my bodyguard as well as my driver.

You should act on your teacher's advice and try to learn these phrasal verbs.

My computer was acting up, so I took it a repair shop near my house and had it fixed.

The new ads for Levi jeans are aimed at young people in particular and, like all ads, they're aimed at increasing sales.

- account for 
- act as 
- act on 
- act up
- aim at
- Pacific ocean 
- Atlantic ocean 
- Gulf of Mexico
- Westcoast 
- Eastcoast

Day10 5/10/2018


  • Make up: 지어내다.
    He made up that story. 그 이야기는 그가 지어낸거야.
    You shouldn't make up stories about other people. 다른 사람에 대한 이야기를 지어내지마.

  • cf. Make up: 화해하다.
    They made up. 그들은 화해했다.
    When did you two make up? 너희 둘 언제 화해했어?

  • cf. I've made up my mind. 나 결심했어.
    I still haven't made up my mind. 나 아직 결정을 못했어.

  • Make into: ~로 만들다/ 변신시키다.
    The clown made the balloon into a giraffe. 광대가 풍선을 기린 모양으로 만들었다.
    The producer promised to make her into a star. PD는 그녀에게 스타로 만들어주겠다고 약속했다.

  • Make out: 스킨십하다. (스킨십은 콩글리쉬)
    I saw you making out with her in the corner. 그 여자랑 구석에서 스킨십하는거 다 봤어.

Day11 5/11/2018

  • encourage 북돋으다.
  • get better
  • get some advices
  • compare to ~에 비해서
  • as good as ~만큼
  • as well 마찬가지로
  • get used to ~에 적응하다
  • move on 다음 단계로 넘어가다.

Day12 5/12/2018

  • Worry about: 걱정하다.
    Stop worrying about your exam everything will be fine.
  • Wait for: ~를 기다리다.
    (미래의 상황에서는 '목적'을 나타내고, 상황이 과거이면 '원인이나 이유')
    I've waited for Judy for 30 minutes. I'm going home.
  • Concentrate on: ~에 집중을 하다.
    Stop talking and concentrate on your work.
  • Depend on: ~에 따라 다르다.
    I don't know what we'll do at the weekend.
    It depends on the weather.
  • pay for: ~용으로 돈을 지불하다. (돈을 내고 동시에 서비스나 물건을 받을때 )
    Don't forget to pay for the newspaper.

Day13 5/13/2018

  • Belong to: ~에 속하다.
    Who does this coat belong to?
    She left without paying for the meal.
  • fed up: 지겹다, 지긋지긋하다 (먹이다라는 feed를 사용한 표현)
    I'm fed up of waiting for spring.
  • Arrive in: 특정지역에 도착하다.
    He just arrived in California.
  • Arrive at: 특정지역에 도착하다.
    When she arrived at the pub, it was already closed.
  • start with: ~로 시작하다.
    start with a bang.
  • begin with: ~를 먼저 시작하다
    Let's begin with a cup of coffee.

Day14 5/14/2018

  • be famous for~: ~로 유명하다.
    What is Chicago famous for?
    England is famous for its rainy weather.
  • be proud of~: 명사가 자랑스럽다.
    I am proud of my teacher.
  • be interested in~: ~에 관심이 많다.
    What are you most interested in?
    I'm interested in jazz music.
  • be pleased with~: ~에 만족하다 기뻤다.
    He was looking very pleased with himself.
    Chloe was much pleased to hear that.
  • be good/bad at~: ~에 자신있다. 잘한다.
    I'm bad at math, so I always use a calculator.
    I'm good at inline skating.

Day15 5/15/2018

  • be married to~: 누구에게 결혼하다.
    I've been married to my husband for 10 years.
  • be excited about~: ~에 신나있다.
    She's very excited about the party.
  • be different from~: A는 B와 다르다.
    Julie is very different from her sister.
  • be afraid of~: ~를 두려워 하다.
    My niece is afraid of dogs.
  • be similar to~: ~와 비슷하다 ~와 닮다.
    A ball gown is similar to an evening dress.

Day16 5/16/2018

  • in advance: 사전에
    She paid for lunch in advance, so we don't need to pay now.
  • by mistake: 실수로
    I went to the wrong house by mistake.
  • on time: 정시 제시간에
    Please make sure that you're on time for the class.
  • by chance: 우연히
    I was walking to the station and by chance I saw the glove that I'd lost on the ground.
  • for instance: 예를들면
    I love eating out in London. for instance, one of my favourite restaurants has amazing Japnaese food.

Day17 5/17/2018

  • be in danger : 위험에 처하다.
    I think the cat is in danger on that high roof.
  • to my/his/her suprise : 놀랍게도
    I picked up the laptop and to my surprise it fell apart in my hands.
  • give a presentation : 프리젠테이션하다.
    Are you giving a presentation this afternoon?
  • look forward to : 기대하다
    I'm really looking forward to it.
  • crystal clear : 완전히 이해했어요.

Day18 5/18/2018

  • in common : 공통점이 있다.
    We have a lot in common.
  • at once : 즉시
    Can you come over at once.
  • on purpose : 일부러
    You did it on purpose, didn't you?
    No I didn't do it on purpose, it happen by mistake.
  • out of reach : 손이 닿지 않는
    You are out of reach.
    It feels like owning a house is out of reach, I'll naver be able to do it.

Day19 5/19/2018

  • At last : 마침내 = finally
    At last I finished my project.
  • For a change : 기분전환으로
    I just need a travel for a change.
  • Without fail : 꼭 반드시
    Alina write a diary every day without fail.
  • Without day : 무기한으로 / 날짜를 정하지 않고
    He promised to return home without day.

Day20 5/20/2018

  • Was / Were going to: ~를 하려고 했었다.
    I was actually going to go to the movies with come friends.
    I actually wanted to get a higher model.
    We were going to have lunch together.
  • suddenly had something to do: 갑자기 일이 생기다.
    but one of them suddenly had something to do.
  • End up doing something: ~을 하게되었다.(의도하지 않거나 원치 않은 것을 하는것)
    So we ended up cancelling the whole thing.
    But I didn't have enough money. So, I ended up getting this one.
  • Eventually: 결국엔
    But we couldn't get tickets, so eventually we couldn't go anywhere.

Day21 5/21/2018

  • Have a long way to go : 갈길이 멀다.
    Alice: Hey, is there any progress on the playground you are building for your kids?
    Jason: To be honest, I have been making progress but I still have a long way to go.
  • Go a long way : 큰 도움이 되다./큰영향을 미치다.
    I think your advice will go a long way. 너의 조언이 큰 도움이 될거야.
    A little change can go a long way. 작은 변화가 큰 도움을 줄 수 있다.
  • Have come a long way: 성공하다./매우 잘되다.
    I'm glad my daughter has come a long way.

Day22 5/22/2018

  • Board members: 이사(직책중)
  • Work-related:일관련
  • Be related to: ~에 관련된
    Smoking is related to cancer.
  • Be proud of ~ : 자랑스러워하다.
    He looks proud of himself.
    He was looking proud of himself.
  • Be in charge of : 담당하고 있는
    What are you in charge of?
    I'm in charge of development website.

Day23 5/23/2018

  • Quotation : 시세 / 견적
  • Comes to : 되다.
    It comes to $5. : 5달러 되겠습니다.
  • Break this to : ~로 (돈을)바꾸다.
    Can you break this to two 20s and 10s?
  • pay off : 돈을 완전히 갚다.
    We finally paid off our credit card debt.
  • pay back : 돈을 갚다.(적은금액)
    We need to pay back credit card debt.

Day24 5/30/2018

  • 원래는 친구랑 쇼핑하고 같이 저녁을 먹으려고 했는데
    친구가 갑자기 일이 생겨서 결국은 다 취소하게 됐어.
    I was actually going to go shopping with my friend and we were going to have dinner but she suddenly had something to do so we ended up canceling the whole thing.

  • 원래는 렉서스를 사고싶었는데 돈이 좀 부족해서 결국엔 현대차로 사게 됐어요.
    I actually wanted to get a Lexus model, but I didn't have enough money. So, I ended up getting Hyundai model.

  • 원래는 뉴욕여행을 계획했었는데 돈이 모자라서 결국에는 아무데도 못가게 됐어.
    I was actually planning to travel Newyork.
    but I didn't have enough eventually I couldn't go anywhere.

  • 원래는 라면을 진짜 안먹으려고 했는데 너무 배가 고파서 안먹을수가 없었어.
    결국은 물을 끓이고 말았어.
    I really wasn't going to have Korean noodle.
    but I was so hungry I couldn't resist
    I ended up having a Korean noodle.

  • 원래는 얘기를 안하려고 했는데 너가 회사 얘기를 꺼내서 말인데 사실 궁금한게 하나있어.
    I wasn't going to say anything but since you bring up about company, I have something I want to ask you.