Would you like to have a high-definition nude image of yourself in your physical prime? If not, do you think you might someday wish you could see one?


You meet someone at a party and absolutely know that if you talk to him, he'll make you tens of millions of dollars, but after 2 years you'll go bankrupt and have to scramble to get back on your feet. Would you start the conversation? Assume that if you do, your knowledge of what's in store for you will vanish.

  • scramble to one's feet - 허둥지둥 일어나다.
  • get something back - 잃었던 것을 되찾다.
  • have to scramble to get back on your feet. - 다시 일어서도록 노력해야 한다.
  • assume[assuming] (that) - 이라 가정하면
  • in store for - 을 위해서 비축하여, (운명)예비되어, 일어나려고하는
  • vanish - 지금껏 존재하던것이 사라지다.
  • my stomachache vanished after several hours' rest. - 몇시간 쉬고 나니까 복통이 없어졌다.


Would you like to be truly brilliant more intelligent than 99.9 percent of the population? if so, would it matter if being that smart would virtually eliminate your sense of humor about the things that amuse most people?

would it matter? - 문제가 될것같나요?
virtually - 실질적으로
eliminate - 을 떼어내다
amuse - 즐겁게 하다