I had a dinner with my friend in Sepulveda and Normandie tonight.
It is a small restaurant that has 5 tables then It's my favorite place because It's the only place people know.
We orded Caeser Salad , Tomato Soup and Pizza menu that is I don't know what it means Surf & Turf.
I have ate pizza in the soup and it was really good.

난 오늘 Sepulveda 와 Normandie 에 있는 La Pastta 이탈리안 레토토랑에서   
친구와 저녁식사를 했어. 
5개정도의 테이블만 있는 작은 가게 이지만 아는 사람만 아는 맛집 이라서   
내가 아끼는 곳이기도 하지. 
우리는 시저샐러드와 토마토스프 그리고 어떤뜻인지 모르는 피자메뉴  
Surf & Turf 를 주문했는데 그중에서 스프에 피자를 찍어먹어봤는데 정말 맛있었어.

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Review yesterday's diary :
I work at a Korean company and we speak in Korean,   
but we have to send emails in English.
It's difficult to write in English because I'm not good at English.
But if I write emails in English every day,   
my English skill will get better, right?