It's good today, because I met my friend that she name is Chloe and We played the violin together.
I was rewarding because I taught her how to play the violin.
It does bring me happy what is to sharing to someone I learned something.

오늘 클로이란 친구를 만났는데 오랜만에 같이 바이올린 연습했더니 너무 좋았어
친구에게 바이올린 켜는 방법을 알려 줬을때 정말 보람 있었어 
누군가에게 내가 배운 무언가를 공유 한다는 것은 정말 나에게 행복감을 주는것 같아.

Review yesterday's diary :

I had diner with my friend at Sepulveda and Normandie tonight.
It's a small restaurant that has only 5 tables,   
but it's my favorite place because it's place not many people know about.
We ordered caesar salad, tomato soup, and a pizza called Surf & Turf.
pizza I don't know the meaning of called "Surf & Turf"  
I dipped my pizza in the soup and it was really good.