I basically love my job that is developing software.
So nowadays, I stay in the company and have a development study.
Today I studied Docker, a trendy DevOps field.
I am happy when I look back on today's upgraded yesterday.

나는 기본적으로 소프트웨어를 개발하는 내 직업을 사랑한다.
그래서 요즘은 회사에서 남아서 개발 스터디를 하고 있다.
오늘은 요즘 트랜드인 DevOps 분야인 Docker를 스터디했다.
어제와 다른 업그레이드된 오늘의 나를 돌아보면 행복하다.

Review yesterday's diary :

I attended a SW engineer group meeting in Garden Grove. 
I met four engineers and talked a lot about jobs and  careers. 
The place was called Cham Sut Gol Korean BBQ, and it had good beer and beef belly.