Today I had a long time talking with a friend in Korea.
I talked about the joy of growing through loneliness and learning to come to America.
I also boast of writing an English diary every day.

오늘은 한국에 있는 친구와 오랜만에 통화를 했다.  
미국와서 느끼는 외로움과 배움을 통해서 성장하는 기쁨을 얘기했다.  
그리고 요즘 매일 영어일기 쓰고 있는것도 자랑했다.  

Review yesterday's diary:

I went to PV after work today.
I was happy when I opened the windows and felt the ocean breeze.
It is good to be able to drive to the beach after work like this.