Today, I went to Starbucks to have coffee with another teammate as soon as I got to work.
I talked about what I watching TV show "The right not to be hurt by capitalism" these days.
We are living hard which is belong to capitalism because money is above people
I believe that a person should be superior above money and happy.

오늘은 출근하자마자 다른팀 동료와 커피를 마시러 스타벅스에 갔다.
요즘 보고있는 "자본주의에 상처받지 않은 권리"에 대해서 얘기했다.
자본주의 사회에 속해있는 우리는 돈이 사람보다 위에 있기때문에 힘들게 살고있다.
사람이 돈보다 우위에 있어야 사랑을 할수 있고 행복해진다고 믿는다.

Review yesterday's diary:

Today I spent a long time talking with a friend in Korea.
I talked about the joy of growing through loneliness  
and learning after coming to America.
I also boasted about writing an English diary every day.