Today my colleague moved and helped her.
There was a courier service at the post office,
but it was hard to find because there was no pink slip.
Fortunately, I was able to explain the situation because the staff was Korean.

오늘은 회사 동료가 이사를 해서 도와줬다.
우체국에서 택배 받을 것이 있었는데 핑크 슬립이 없어서 찾는데 어려웠다.
다행히도 직원이 한국인이라서 사정을 설명할 수 있었다.

Review yesterday's diary:

Today is my friend One's birthday so we had a birthday party in LA.
We played the mafia game for PS4.
But the explanation of the game was very difficult because it was in English.