Today is my friend One's birthday so We had a birthday party in LA.
We have been playing the mafia game for PS4.
But the explanation of the game was very difficult because it was in English.

오늘은 내 친구 원이의 생일이라서 LA에서 생일파티를 했다.
여러명이서 마피아 게임을 PS4로 했는데 신기했다.
하지만 게임설명이 영어라서 너무 힘들었다.

Review yesterday's diary:

Today, I went to Starbucks to have coffee with another teammate as soon as I got to work.
I talked about a TV show I am watching these days called "The Right to Not Be Hurt by Capitalism."
Because we live in a capitalist society in which money is valued over people, it is hard to live.
I believe that people should be valued above money to be happy.