I went to a Karaoke room with my colleagues today.
I have been singing songs of the 90s for a log time and
I remembered my childhood.
I can't sing a pop song yet, so I will practice a pop song.

오늘 회사동료와 같이 노래방에 갔다.
오랜만에 90년대 노래를 불렀는데 어릴적 시절이 생각났다.
아직 팝송을 부르지 못해서 팝송을 연습할것이다.

Review yesterday's diary:

I was practicing violin these days, but the bridge was suddenly bent.
So I left it at the violins hop, and the repairs cost over $200.
It can take up to three days to repair.
I look forward to hearing it after it is fixed.