My skin is not good these days because of my age.
So today I bought a skin lotion from Kiehl`s in Delamo.
I am an oily skin, would you recommend a men's skin lotion?
I was frustrated because I could not speak this English.

나이가 들어서 그런지 요즘 얼굴 피부가 좋지 않다.  
그래서 오늘 델아모에 있는 키엘스에서 스킨로션을 샀다. 
제가 지성피부인데 남성용 스킨로션 추천좀 해주시겠어요?
이말을 영어로 못해서 또 좌절했다.

Review yesterday's diary:

I went to karaoke with my colleagues today.
I sang songs from the 90s after a long time and I remembered my childhood.
I can't sing pop songs yet, so I will practice pop songs.