I like idol people calls IYOU.
I haven't been listening to music since I've been busy
when I surfing the youtube IYOU music came out and I listen the music
It was really good
I am happy to remember old memories.

나는 아이돌중에 아이유를 좋아한다. 그동안 바뻐서 음악을 듣지 못했는데  
유튜브 검색하다가 아이유 음악을 들었는데 너무 좋았다. 
예전 추억들이 생각나서 행복하다.  

Review yesterday's diary :

My skin is not good these days because of my age.
So today I bought skin lotion from Kiehl's at Del Amo.
I have oily skin, can you recommend a men's skin lotion?
I was frustrated because I could not say this in English.