Today I went to Classical Concert for the Korean 8.15 anniversary with my friends.
At first I thought there was a Concert hall in Hollywood Bowl.
but Ticket
What was written on the ticket was Disney Hall.
I was so sorry for my friends.
Start time is 8 o'clock, but we could see the Concert at 9 o'clock.
The classical concert was really touching.

오늘은 친구들과 한국의 8.15 기념일 음악회를 다녀왔다.   
처음에 할리우드볼에서 공연이 있는줄 알고 티켓을 보여줬었는데  
티켓에 적혀진것은 디즈니 홀이였다. 친구들에게 너무 미안했다.  
8시에 공연인데 우리는 9시에 공연을 볼수 있었다.  
클래식 공연은 정말 감동적이였다.  

Review yesterday's diary:

I went to a Korean sashimi restaurant in LA with my coworkers.
We got too stressed from work during the week, 
so we drank soju to get over it.
We talked a lot and felt better.