I went to a Church that my cowoker introduced and people were so thankful for welcome me.
a churchgoer invited me housewarming and I gave detergent and ice cream as a gift.
We had a delicious sushi and talked about American life
I'm happy to talk to many people.

회사 동료가 소개 시켜준 교회를 갔는데 많은 사람들이 반겨줘서 너무 감사했다.
교회사람이 집들이에 초대해줘서 고마움에 표시로 세제와 아이스크림을 선물로 드렸다.
우리는 다같이  맛있는 초밥을 먹고 미국생활에 대해서 얘기했다.
이렇게 많은 사람들과 얘기를 나눌 수 있어서 행복했다.
  • a churchgoer : 교회사람
  • housewarming : 집들이
  • housewarming gift: 집들이 선물
  • detergent : 세제

Review yesterday's diary :

Today I went to a classical concert for the Korean 8.15 anniversary with my friends.
At first I thought the concert was at the Hollywood Bowl, but "Disney Concert Hall" was written on the ticket.
I was so sorry to my friends.
The concert started at eight o'clock, but we could see the concert from nine o'clock.
The classical concert was really touching.