It's been a while since I've watch the TV show "Friends".
I thought that I should watch this by studying English and finally did it.
The starring actors talk so fast, so I've seen it over and over again but I don't know what they are saying.
even so I turn on English subtitles.
If I keep watching, I will improve my English one day?

오랜만에 미드 프렌즈를 봤다. 
영어공부로 이 영화를 봐야지 하고 생각만 하다가 드디어 보게 되었다.  
나오는 배우들의 말이 너무 빠르기때문에 알아들을 수가 없었다.  
그래도 영어자막으로 봤다.  
계속 보다보면 언젠가는 내 영어도 늘겠지?  

Review yesterday's diary :

I went to a church that my coworker introduced and I was so thankful that people welcomed me.
A churchgoer invited me to a housewarming party and I gave detergent and I cream as a gift.
We had delicious sushi and talked about American life.
I'm happy to talk with many people.