The weather in CA is always clear and sometimes cloudy.
Today is the day.
I like listening to music while listening to rain.
I like clear weather and cloudy days are also good.

켈리포니아의 날씨는 항상 맑은데 가끔 흐린날이 있다. 오늘이 바로 그날이다.  
난 비 소리를 들으면서 음악을 듣는것이 너무 좋다.  
맑은 날씨도 좋지만 오늘 같이 가끔 흐린날도 좋다.  

Review yesterday's diary :

It's been a while since I've watched the TV show "Friends".  
I thought that I should study English by watching this and finally did it.  
The starring actors talk so fast, so I watched it over and over again but I didn't know what they were saying.  
If I keep watching, will I improve my English one day?