I have returned my phone from my company and I have no phone.
Once I'm driving, I can't use Google Maps, so it's hard to go anywhere.
I could not get a reservation because I can't use to KakaoTalk.
I thought it wouldn't be inconvenient without a phone, but it was inconvenient.

회사에서 받은 휴대폰을 반납하고나니 내 폰이 없다.
일단 운전할때 구글맵을 사용 못하니깐 어디 가기도 힘들고
카카오톡이 안되니까 약속을 못잡았다.
폰이 없어도 불편하지 않을거라고 생각했는데 너무 불편했다.

Review yesterday's diary :

My friend Alina is learning a lot.
She is always passionate about learning things and 
she is good at organization.
And she is modest.
I also try to organize my daily experiences in this diary.