Today a new intern came to the company and pick up to the home.
The intern bought furniture in IKEA, but it seemed difficult to assemble,
so I assembled it. and then My back hurts.

오늘은 새로운 인턴이 회사에 와서 집까지 바래다 주었다.
그 인턴이 이케아에서 가구를 샀는데 조립이 어려워 보여서 조립을 해주었다.
허리가 아프다. 

Review yesterday's diary :

I have returned the phone I received from my company and I have no phone.
When I'm driving, I can't use Google Maps, so it's hard to go anywhere.
I could not make plans because I can't use Kakaotalk.
I thought it wouldn't be inconvenient without a phone, but it was inconvenient.