Today I went to learn about oil paintings with my friends and a pub in Redondo Beach.
It was two-hour course and I was comfortable with my focus on the picture.
I was thinking about how to draw it, but I felt good when I finished it.
I can do something like this. I'm so happy

오늘은 친구들과 레돈도 비치에 있는 펍에 오일페인팅을 배우러 갔다   
2시간 코스인데 그림에 집중하니까 마음이 편안했다.  
어떻게 저걸 따라서 그리지 하고 생각했었는데 완성하고 나니 기분이 좋았다.  
나도 이런것을 할 수 있구나. 행복하다.

Review yesterday's diary :

I got goosebumps today because my most precious friend shared a TED Talk with me.

The title is below.
Tai Lopez's "Why should I read one book a day?"

Find a mentor even if you're already experienced.
There is always something to learn from someone.
You must follow these rules.

Be humble.
Read more.
Toughen up.

Love your life~ Perfect your life~
Beautify all things in your life~

In the USA, he is a failed businessman and doesn't have a good image, but I think there is a lot to learn from his basic points.

I'm thankful to my friend for sharing this link.