I like to play violin better when I listen to classical music these days.
Today, I heard a song called Waltz of the flowers as a string quartet.
So I went home and practiced violin, but I still not good at tone and rhythm.
It didn't work out as I thought.
I need a violin lesson.
I will start the lesson from next week.

요즘 클래식음악을 들을때마다 바이올린을 좀더 잘하고 싶은 생각이 든다.  
오늘은 꽃의 왈츠라는 곡을 현악4중주로 들었는데 너무 좋았다.  
그래서 퇴근하고 집에서 바이올린 연습을 했지만 아직 음정과 리듬감각이 좋지않아서  
생각대로 잘 되지 않았다.  
나에게는 바이올린 레슨이 필요하다.   
다음주부터 레슨을 시작해야겠다.  

Review yesterday's diary :

Today I went to learn oil painting with my friends at a pub in Redondo Beach.
It was a two-hour course and focusing on the picture made me feel comfortable.
I was thinking about how to paint it (or how to follow the instructions?), but I felt good when I finished it.
I can do something like this. I'm so happy