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by CG.Lee — 1 min read

Weather expression

How is the weather today? How is it outside? It's rainy today. It's hot and humid today It's too hot outside It's too chilly in the early morning. What a beautiful day! What a sunny day! It's ideal weather for a picnic....

irregular verbs

CG.Lee — 4 min read

현재-과거-과거분사일반적인 뜻 arise-arose-arisen일어나다. 생겨나다.awake-awoke-awoken(잠에서) 깨다. 깨우다.bear-bore-borne, born낳다 (be born) 열매를 맺다 (bear fruit)beat-beat-beat때리다. 치다 (=hit)  (beat a person black and blue)become-became-become되다. begin-began-begun시작하다. behold-beheld-beheld보다...

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