Today I've been ice skating with my friend for a log time
since I took lessons two months ago.
there's not many people Even though it was a weekend.
I saw a man who looks like 50 years old he was really good at
ice skating and I thought that if I tried constantly, that would be like that.

오늘은 2달전에 레슨을 받은 이후로 오랜만에 친구랑 아이스 스케이트를 타고왔어.
주말인데도 불구하고 오늘은 사람들이 별로 없어서 좋았어.
정말 잘 타는 50대로 보이는 남성을 보면서 나도 꾸준히 노력하면  
저렇게 될수 있을거라 생각했어.

Review yesterday's diary:

On Friday, our company's president showed us how to work out.
But he made us do Cross Fit for one hour.
So I rested today because my whole body was sore.