Today, I talked a little bit about happy life with an acquaintance in Korea.
When we talk about happiness, do we often talk about marriage?
I think the happiness in marriage that I think is like this.
Share the joy of growth in your life each other.
Would not it be happier if there was someone could share these things around without a marriage?

오늘은 한국에 있는 지인과 행복한 삶에 대해서 조금 오래 대화를 나눴어.  
행복에 대해 얘기를 나눌때 흔히 결혼얘기를 하잖아?  
내가 생각하는 결혼에서의 행복은 이런거같어  
각자의 인생에 있어 성장의 기쁨을 공유하는것.  
결혼이 아니라도 주위에 이런 것을 공유할 수 있는 누군가가 있다면 더 행복해 지지 않을까?  

Review yesterday's diary:

Today I went ice skating with my friend for the first time since I took lessons two months ago.
There were not many people even though it was a weekend.
I saw a man who looks about 50 years old.  
He was really good at ice skating and I thought that
if I practiced consistently, I could be like that.